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There was a time when my pantry shelves were stocked with things like Hamburger Helper, Rice-a-Roni.  Breakfast was granola bars, cereal bars and Cheerios.  The freezer held Pizza Pockets, chicken nuggets and tater tots.  I thought we were “pretty healthy” eaters.  After all, I rarely fried anything – and I bought snacks like Chex Mix and pretzel, not potato chips.  Pretty healthy, right?  Then I started learning about food – and how so much of the food we ate was not even real food.  How genetically modified foods affect our bodies.  How neurotoxic chemicals like MSG and aspartame affect our brains.  I realized that for the sake of my family's health, something had to change.  I knew I couldn't change our diet overnight.  I had to take small steps, replacing the processed foods with truly healthy alternatives.  I had to learn how to cook, not just how to mix things together and heat them.   Now my pantry is full of ingredients.  Things like pasta, flour, rice, oats, dry beans.  Food that has to be prepared, not just eaten.   Feeding my family real, nourishing foods has become one of the most important things I do every day.  I'm still learning – both about food and how to cook it.  I look forward to sharing what I learn with you.  Welcome to my kitchen!

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