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When we moved to “the country”, I mentioned to Hillbilly that it would be nice to have a cow.  I wasn't interested in raising grass-fed beef or milking a dairy cow.  I certainly wasn't interested in mucking stalls or making compost!  I just wanted to be able to look out the window and see a cow in the pasture.  His response?  He told me that he grew up milking cows and tending chickens and would never own either one.  Imagine my delight in being able to tell you that now we not only have (and milk) a dairy cow, but we also have chickens that we raise both for eggs and meat.  Turns out I'm not the only one whose mind had to do a little changing around here.

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We choose what animals we raise by how healthy their meat is as well as their disposition.  Red Wattle meat is renowned as the finest pork and they are incredibly docile creatures.  The downside to Red Wattles is that they're slower growers than some of the more popular breeds.  Rhode Island Reds are a great dual purpose bird, they average nearly an egg a day and aren't very aggressive birds.  Quail are small but have some amazing health benefits.  The Narragansett turkey is a heritage breed known for a wonderful temperment and it's beautiful colors.
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